Thursday, November 27, 2008

New Ornaments for the Holidays!
Please check them out in my Etsy shop...
These are all handmade paper (made by me)
fold into a star shape ornament -
great for the tree - or just to decorate around the house....
This is the ornament folded...
This is the package - the ornament is inside a glassine envelope -
and then tucked into a handmade felt pouch (for safe keeping).

Ready to ship!

Finished felt pouches for the paper ornaments...

Felt pouches in progress...

While everyone else is eating turkey today - I'm busy in the studio-
and I LOVE it!
I've just created new handmade paper ornaments for the holidays -
they will be made in a limited edition -
only 25 will be produced.
Hurry and get them before they are gone!

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