Friday, December 5, 2008

Whew! This book was a labor of love!
I went through 4 needles - yikes!
But, I figured out how to seperate the rulers better -
with not so much stretching.
Here's the finished product:

There goes the first broken needle.
My favorite needle ever - boo hoo.

Needle #2

Needle #3

And, Needle #4

Here are the templates I make for each book.
I spend individual time on each and every book -
so that they are always one of a kind.
I make a new template plate each time I make a new book.

Here are those little rulers I found at the surplus store.
They were a beast to separate -
but, I think that I figured out a better way to get out those little metal grommets.
(so that there's not so much discoloration and scratching on the rulers).

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