Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ultimate Recycling!

Salvaging the red leather from the couch!

While I was home for the holidays my family decided to
get rid of their red leather couch.....

Now, this red leather couch has had a good life.
It was custom ordered in 1966 (we found the order tag inside the couch!)
for a State University. It was used well and often....
My father bought it a few years ago at the University Salvage Shop.
After a few years in our parents decided it was time for it to move on.
(This was hard for my he claimed it was the best couch ever to lay on...
my mother and I thought otherwise).
So, when they said it was leaving us...
Well, of course the first thing I thought of was -
I could use all that leather for my journals!
So, my father helped me salvage the leather for my books!
(Thanks Dad!)
It wasn't that difficult to remove since the stitching in the cushions was already
falling apart and the leather was literally hanging on by a thread!

So, I have tons of *new* leather - and the old red couch will be moving on
in lots of smaller pieces to a new life in journal form!

I've just posted my first *couch journal* on Etsy!

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