Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Vintage Rebound Book

Here is the very first book I rebound from my books from Paris.
The endbands are all recycled too -
they are from an Encyclopedia titled Modern Reference Library 1970.
(I use alot of the pages inside my handbound books...
I think they add character to the books...
and often very funny writing!)

I got some wonderful vintage books
at this flea market in Paris.
The books were often thrown in plastic bins on the ground.
It was unbelievable...
They were all so beautiful - with decorative spines..
but, they looked like they were about to be thrown out!
I couldn't believe it!
So, I grabbed as many as I could carry to rebind them into new journals.
It seems like they should have a second life...
They are so full of history...now they are rebound with blank sheets -
so that the new owners can write their own history inside!
And special thanks to "L" -
who brought me many more beauties to rebind from the market!
What a sweetheart!

Porte de Vanves
14th district
Paris, France

1 comment:

lori vliegen said...

wow, that flea market looks like a ton of fun! and, you did a great job rebinding those parisian treasures! :)

p.s. i saw your books on the etsy front page today...congratulations!!