Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Greetings! I'm back from vacation...
sorry for the lack of blogging..
I'll really try and get better at this!
Well, L came to visit and we had a wonderful time!
We traveled and relaxed AND even had a
layover at the Atlanta Airport...
where my paper skirt is on exhibit!
So, between flights we ran over to check it out!
It is really a wonderful show...if you happen to be passing
through, you really must check it out.
The work is really amazing - some great pieces of paper clothing...
wonderful kozo high heels..great artists!

Here is my skirt on the bottom -
apologies for that bad glare off the glass.

A close up shot!

We stayed at a wonderful resort with an incredible aquarium...

check out these jellies!!!!
My absolute favorite!
I could just stare at these guys/gals all day.

They are so peaceful just floating around.

Here is a pic of the sandy beaches.
It was really relaxing.

The water rides were great fun.
L took this pic of all of the tubes.
Check out that guy just floating by them!

The lazy river was the best.

Oh, this water ride shoots you right through
the shark filled water! YIKES!
They looked hungry!

Here's L floating by the sharks...
he's a little hard to spot.

And here are some goodies L brought me!!
Yeah! He's pretty swell!
Wonderful new leather from my favorite shop
ever...Relma (a bookbinding shop) in Paris!
Check out that orange - WOW!

Here are some trinkets from his visit to Egypt.
Awesome tiny snow globes.

AND, a magic lime green genie lamp!
Coolest thing ever!!!
Wonder if we get three wishes?

AND, lots and lots of Parisian chocolates!
Look how beautiful!
Almost too beautiful to eat!
No, not too beautiful to eat -
I can eat them....alot of them!

Paris chocolate taste test...
from four different chocolate shops!
And....the winner is.....
ummm....still testing.....

So, that's the update!
I'm back to work now after a wonderful break
and ready to turn out those journals!

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