Monday, December 14, 2009

A sneak peak of my boxes before shipment!
Only 2 more days left to shop in my etsy store...
the shop will close December 16, 2009 and reopen on January 5, 2010.

I just finished up the last of my binding that needed to be done today.

Oh - I had to include a picture of this! The right side is my hand carved trike.
I just got this awesome stamp set (on the left)
the other day! It's so cool. It came with tons of little itsy bitsy numbers and letters...
and yes - I handset all of my type into that round plastic holder.
It was great - just like letterpress....setting 10 pt. type.
And, since I haven't set type in sure made me miss the 'ole letterpress shop!
Someday soon I hope to be printing again....

Here's a small...
I lost an "r" somewhere along the line and I'm still looking for it.....

Anyhow - the finished results!
I handstamp the trike and then the round lettering!
No computers here!
I do as much as I can without the computer....
I just love the look of the handmade element in work.
Okay...more later.

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