Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Well, a few months have passed - and I have not blogged. But, I am back!

It's been a busy last few months....I'll post the pictures of our travel adventures soon! I promise!

I've just returned from the One of A Kind Show in Chicago! What an amazing experience!

I was part of the Etsy Pavilion. It was incredible! The Etsy Staff was just great -and it was so fun to finally meet other Etsy Artists in "real life"! My aisle was filled with artists handmaking baby clothes, original drawings, silkscreened cards, linocut prints, jewelry, handbags, was really a variety of absolutely amazing works! The show was held at the Merchandise Mart in downtown Chicago - and it literally had thousands of shoppers. It was really exciting to introduce so many people to the world of Etsy! Lots hadn't heard about it - but, were very excited to find out about it!

There were over 500 artists selling works.....all under one roof! It was such a whirlwind experience! The show lasted four days - and they just flew by!

I had a wonderful reception - great customers - it's always so nice to be able to see and meet my customers in person and to be able to see them enjoying the journals! That might be my most favorite part! Watching them pick up the books and peek inside...pick out favorite colors...favorite styles! I really enjoy their excitement!

So, there you have it. I have just been very busy preparing the inventory for that show. Cutting, sewing, tearing, binding....

I'm busy now just reposting journals onto Etsy before the holiday season is over!

I will post pics of the show soon! Really, I promise I will!

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greenknitter said...

It sounds like you had a great time AND got to spread the good word of Etsy. :)