Friday, January 29, 2010

Books #25-29
Leather bound books-
I styled these journals after a little
journal I picked up from a little tiny shop
on the streets of Venice.
The store was a curiosity shop of sorts -
filled with wax initial stamps, handmade wooden ships,
leather journals, compasses of all sorts, and wonderful
elderly shop owners as ancient and delightful as the shop itself!
The journal is handbound - onto leather cords -
I had it in my head to use a variety of colors for the different pieces.
I have many ideas now about creating journals with sewn cords -
the variety seems endless.
I will post these up to etsy soon.

Thought I would add some studio shots from today:
Here's a large journal that I was binding onto linen cords -
unfortunately when the book is bound, the cords won't be viewed.
(Sad, because it's one of my favorite parts...)
Anyhow, I'm excited to bind this into a neat leather
cover (I found an old leather travel case at an antique store -
it's well worn, but really beautiful - so, I salvaged the leather
and will use it for the cover) I still have to reinforce it yet
before I glue in the text block.
Soon to come...

Here are just some little babies I was working on...
I don't know why - but, I love working small-

Here's my vintage travel case
(this is just one of many that I use to store my supplies)
filled with leather scraps.

Here's my work space - preparing to sew...

That's it for now -

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