Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Well, I've been busy working on some new books.
I also received some great new "bookmaking" books as Christmas presents -
so, I've been busy searching for new ideas and designs.
The month of January is almost half over already!
I feel like this new year is getting off to a quick start.
I have big ideas for this new year and here's my first:
My goal is to post a new book every single day for the entire year.
I guess I've been inspired by these books and movies...
cook this entire cookbook - follow these directions - ect, ect.
But: I am actually very excited to do this!
I knew an artist who would make a postcard every morning
to get her creative juices flowing...and by the end of the year
she had the most amazing collection of art.
(A real visual journey of her past year.)
So: I thought - what a great way to keep me inspired, working,
creating new designs - with the motivation that I must post a new work everyday.
(And with my past posting history - this will certainly be a challenge for me!)
Okay, so, now that we are already into the 13th of January...
here are my first 13!
I will take better individual pictures of them for the next post.
They are all baby keychain books - I love them altogether!

Can't wait to see what the next 352 will bring.....

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