Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Heart Name Card Tutorial

What you will need:

Cardstock (2 different colors)
Sewing machine and thread
Heart Punch
Exacto Knife
Cutting Board
Corner Punch (optional)

With your ruler and exacto knife cut the cardstock into a small piece measuring
5" width and 3"height.

With your pencil mark a spot 1" in from the left side (near the bottom left corner). This will be the center mark for the heart punch.

Carefully cut out the heart with your heart punch. The heart punch I use measures about 1 1/2" - they are available at many different craft stores. Use the pencil mark as your guide - it should be in the center of the heart when you are punching it out.
(The picture shows two name cards).

You will need to punch out 2 more colored hearts from another piece of cardstock. These hearts will be the interior of the name cards.

Locate your sewing machine!

Make sure that your thread color is the same color as the name cards - then the stitching will stand out more on the hearts.

Carefully place the name card on the sewing machine - and line up the needle with the center of the heart.

Begin sewing (slowly!) down the card (backstitch at the top)- just before you get to the heart - place the separate heart in the empty heart hole (where you punched it out on the name card) and carefully place the second heart on top. You must hold these two hearts very tight as you continue to sew down the name card.

Back stitch at the bottom.

Carefully pull out the name card and cut the thread.

The is how the name card should look.

At this point -
if you want to use the corner punch and round the corners - do that now.
(Do not round the bottom corner that will be folded back - this will make the card unstable.)

Carefully trim a very tiny angled slice from the bottom left. (Or which ever side the heart is sewn into).
Carefully pull up and fold the hearts - and fold back the cardstock on the line that you have sewn.

These name cards would be a wonderful addition to any Wedding Ceremony! You could easily match the paper to your Wedding colors - what a unique and beautiful guest card table!

These name cards would also be great for Holiday Parties,
Birthdays or any kind of Celebration.

Simply print out the names and tables first for the name cards before creating them!
(Remember to center the names while leaving room for the 1" fold over.)

Or simply write on the names of your guests!

Your guests are sure to be impressed! (And inspired!)

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