Sunday, January 29, 2012

Well, we didn't get to the flea market this week -
L is just starting to feel better -
and I'm not feeling so well this weekend.
So, we just stayed in - rested and relaxed.

But, not to disappoint -
I wanted to include some of the great finds from last week. . .
They are all listed over at the new Vintage shop!
(All, except the glass vases...I'm still working on getting those listed)
And, Rue 15 Vintage just made it's first sale! Yeah!
The petite cardboard projector box!
It's so cool - we actually bought two -
because I wanted to keep one for myself! Ha!

French Wooden Game

Great Antique Photograph - I love this!

Vintage Wooden Ink Blotter

Great array of vintage glassware!
I love the glass stopper.

Of course...the petite binoculars!
They are so beautiful - great for display...or to use!

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