Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heart Garland Tutorial:

What You Will Need:

* Sewing Machine

* Various kinds of paper to use as the garland
( - vintage paper, atlas pages, encyclopedia pages,
dictionary pages, colored card stock paper, ect.)

*Colored thread

*Hole punch


*Heart Punch (I used a 1 1/2" punch for this project)

Thread your sewing machine with the chosen color of thread for the garland.

Punch out the hearts with a paper punch.
I used a 1 1/2" heart punch for this project.
You can purchase a wide variety of paper punches at your local craft store - and most will work perfect for making paper garland.

I have used vintage french paper for this project.
Remember to save all of your scrap paper from other projects - they would be great for making garland out of!

I use my paper hole punch and punch a hole in the very first and last heart of the heart garland. After the garland is sewn on the machine - I use twine and thread it through these holes. This makes for a stronger string to hang the garland for display. It is also possible to simply leave extra thread at each end for hanging.

To start: simply place 2 hearts on top of each other and (holding tightly) guide them through the sewing machine.

If you are going to punch holes at the first heart (to add the twine later)
- simply start sewing at the hole you have punched.

Be careful to guide the hearts through the machine - make sure that they don't move - or the hearts will not line up correctly. After the double hearts have been sewn - gently guide them as you continue to stitch - and when you have enough thread in between the next paper heart - start sewing the next set of double hearts. Continue this way until you have the desired amount of hearts on your garland!

Remember - have a soft touch! You may need to adjust the sewing machine tension for correct stitching.

When you are ready to hang the garland - simply fold open each heart!


Simple Party Garland!

Perfect for Parties, Weddings, Showers, Birthdays, ect.!

Please Note: Be mindful - this garland and this project are not intended for small children.

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