Monday, February 20, 2012

I just worked on books today.
I prepped and tore paper down all day...
Four books are in the press right now - and I'll sew them up tomorrow.
I'm really excited to get them finished - they are all vintage french covers that I've salvaged from the market and the second hand shop. I have been wanting to get these finished for some time now. Here is some leather (above) that I was working on the other day - all of those pieces are just from one small purse - but, look how many parts I got after I deconstructed it!
They looked beautiful after I cleaned them! (Like new!)
The back of the purse has a great large pocket that I'm going to resew back up - and keep as the back part of the journal. I think it will be great to keep souvenirs in!

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Louise said...

Beautiful old leather! Looking forward to seeing what you create with this!