Saturday, February 18, 2012

We started out today with a stroll through the Tuileries Garden -
even the giant ferris wheel is still up from the holidays!
We still have to take a spin on it...

It was a bit warmer today - so the grounds were filled with people strolling and sitting and overall enjoying the (slightly warmer) day.

We walked up to our favorite wine bar in the city - "Juveniles". I'm sure that I've written about this place before. It's an extremely tiny wine bar run by a charming and jolly British man - the staff is always sweet and super patient. (And - I think they can speak almost any language!)
The walls are filled from ceiling to floor with wine bottles - the tables are tight but cozy. Oh, and the food is always delicious. Small plates filled with grilled chorizo - round slices of cheese covered potatoes -simple salads - delicious meat plates - creamy tiramisu!
We love this place!
We love it so much - that right after L proposed to me two years ago -
we celebrated at Juveniles!

We also stopped by a little pastry shop called "Berko" that we had stumbled upon once before - and enjoyed the best petite cupcakes ever - EVER! (Well, besides our wedding cupcakes). The wait was almost out to the sidewalk with sweet tooth customers! We waited - then ate a tiny pistachio cupcake and red velvet - both with delicious cream cheese icing.
Sorry no pictures - I was too busy eating.
L went back for some slices of cheesecake which we had tonight for dinner.
(Again, no pictures - sorry!)

If the weather holds out (and no rain) we'll hit the market tomorrow.

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