Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Vintage Atlas Cupcake/ Cake Topper Decor

What You Will Need:

*Wood Sticks Varying in Size
(I use 6" length)
*Variation of Small Colorful Round Beads
*Vintage Map Pages
*Glue (or Glue Gun)
*Fine Sand Paper
*Exacto Knife

Cut a strip of map paper 3/4" in height.

Fold the strip in half -
Cut the folded strip 2 1/2" wide.

Measure over 2" and make a light mark in pencil.

Using your exacto knife - carefully use the pencil mark as a guide. Cut diagonally starting from the pencil mark to the outer top and bottom edges of the paper.

Carefully glue the paper flag around the wooden stick.

Glue the wooden bead to the top of the stick. (A glue gun will make this process more secure).

If the wood stick protrudes above the bead at the top - simply sand the top with fine sandpaper.

After the glue has dried - use another round wooden stick to carefully curl the ends. This will give the flag movement - and it will look like it is blowing with the wind!

Take time to curl the paper - you will be able to curl and bend it in many different directions! Remember to be gentle with it!

Using the fine sandpaper - carefully and lightly sand the wood stick to ensure a smooth surface.

A perfect addition to any party, celebration, wedding or event!
Customize your theme with your favorite places or special trips and destinations.

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