Thursday, March 1, 2012

Here's some pics of what I worked on today...
I prepped paper most of the day for the leather journals - I have a few large ones ready to be sewn together. Here are two small ones I was working on - this leather is from the side of a purse. It is a beautiful deep red color and it has these great metal loops (for the strap) that I wanted to keep. So... I need to add some leather for the front flap -I decided on this dark brown piece of leather from another small purse. I started to draw out a template . . . but, after I cut it out - I didn't like it at all! So, I just changed the design as I cut it!

Deciding on the length of the front cover... and where to start stitching.

There is the
template I didn't use! Ha! Usually working with templates really helps - but, not today!

Here's how I changed it...

And then I decided it still needed something else -
so I decided to stitch around the new cover -

Here are the two new leather journals -
cleaned up once again with the leather cleaner.

... and just waiting for the paper to be sewn into the spine.

Here is the paper that I prepped today. I think I'll just prep again tomorrow - I didn't get to the 120g paper - and I have all the cover boards cut and ready to, I'll do that tomorrow!

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