Friday, March 23, 2012

This book is so tiny!
Very Petite Vintage Leather Journal-
It only measures 1 1/2" width & height!
Hand torn pages - the first and last signature (group of paper) has paper from a French dictionary that I just found at our local second hand bookshop!
I found this leather with the oval cut-out on the front and decided to use it as part of the front of the journal. A small bird peeks out from the first page.
Long stitch sewn with mustard linen thread.
Mustard leather strap wraps around to keep the journal closed.

Here is another small journal -
the leather is from part of a leather purse that I deconstructed.
The original holes from the stitching are visible across the bottom and front edge.
Sewn with aqua linen thread - long stitch binding.
The first and last page are pages from a vintage atlas.
Burnt orange leather strap keeps the journal closed.

We just watched "The Muppets" new movie tonight -
it was totally cute - reminded me of childhood watching Kermit and Miss Piggy!
It was really fun and really funny!

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