Thursday, April 19, 2012

Here are some pictures from my Paris stroll today . . .
I have been working on new "travel journals" - and I am making envelopes out of vintage map pages for some of the interior pages. I will post some pics soon.
I finally have them halfway finished - they are extremely time consuming and tedious. (Much like all of the work that I do!) But, they are coming along - and I think will be a wonderful addition to the journals ... to hold goodies from trips - ticket stubs, business cards, french fry forks - you know -
all of the important keepsakes from a trip!
Anyhow, I decided I needed to get out and get some air after all of this measuring and cutting and folding (yes, Dad. . . I do measure...well, in my own way!)
(repeat a million times) - so, I went for a very long and wonderful walk in the city today.
Here are some pics to enjoy!
The sky was just amazing today . . .

Oh, here's where we ate last night - it was great fun!
The interior was bistro comfy - little wooden tables pushed together to form bigger tables, close neighbors, good wine,cote de beouf for duex persons avec frites - and dessert chocolate mousse to die for!

This makes me want to take more pictures all the time!

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