Sunday, December 15, 2013

Geometric Paper Ornaments - The Making Of:

I wanted to post some pictures of the Geometric Paper Ornaments in progress:

Shown below is my work table - 
the pattern is traced onto colored paper
 (vintage text, music or metallic paper)
 and carefully hand cut out with my exacto knife.

More images of different paper:

After the pattern in cut out -
 I carefully use my bone folder to score the lines and fold the edges.

The pattern is folded below - and one side is (almost) finished!

I repeat the entire process again for the other side of the ornament. 

The side edges are glued together to form the shape.

I very carefully glue the two paper pieces together - and voila!

I have created the ornaments with a small metal hook on the top for hanging -
or without a hook to simply place and display on a table.  

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