Friday, January 10, 2014

I finally made it to
*** Carlo's Bake Shop ****
 in Hoboken, New Jersey!

I'm a big fan of CAKE BOSS - 
so, I was very excited to see it in person.

Yeah! It was so much fun!
L and I had to wait forever just to get inside the shop!
Then - once inside - another half an hour wait!
We couldn't even get up to the counters to see all of the baked goods!

While I didn't get to see Buddy - 
I got to meet his SISTER - 
Maddalena Castano!!
She was so totally sweet and I got my picture with her!
So very cool!

The baked treats were to die for!
We loved the Italian cookies - 
the tiramisu cake-
and the crepes!
(Yeah, we went a little overboard!)

I definitely recommend stopping if you are in the neighborhood!

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