Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Louvre

I got myself to the Louvre just fine through the metro - after getting a bit turned around in the Arc du Carrousel I worked my way above ground so that I could enter the Louvre through the Pyramid. Although, once inside the Louvre really is gigantic and feels incredibly overwhelming. There are different wings and passageways and levels and areas - even with the very detailed map - I still could not decipher it even after being in the museum the entire day! I think I finally figured things out just as it was closing. I can't wait to return another day. I barely covered the Richelieu and Denon Wing and didn't even step foot in the Sully Wing.

The Andrea Mantegna exhibition was incredible.

Winged Victory of Samothrace

Lunch at the Louvre

Many, many signs to direct visitors to Mona!

Mona Lisa - Leonardo da Vinci
There she is!!
Mona had many visitors on the day I was there.
She also had a wooden barrier as well as a que line to view her.
This is as close as I could get!
It was still a delightful visit.
Paolo Veronese - The Marriage at Cana
This painting was enormous!
It filled the entire gallery wall -this work is simply amazing.

Many of the ceilings in the gallery rooms had magnificent murals with ornate details.
I found myself wandering around the galleries and just staring at the ceilings.

Venus de Milo

Cafe creme and chocolat cookie break!

Richelieu Wing - French Sculpture

Napoleon III Apartments - Richelieu Wing
These rooms were massive and reeked of wealth and luxury.
My entire apartment isn't even as big as this dining room!

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