Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Valentine's Day Cards...

Well, I've just finished a slew of Valentine's Day Cards...
I'm really happy with this simple design.
I carved this little heart out of a wine cork.
I'm excited to start carving blocks again and printing.
It's been ages since I've printed.
I'm going to take these cards to a little shop downtown -
(they requested greeting cards) so, it was a great
push to get me printing again.
Other than that, it's been pretty much a blizzard here today.
I'm ready for summer.
Beaches and sun...yeah, I'm ready.

1 comment:

lori vliegen said...

hi! i've admired your work for quite some time over on etsy! i'm a new member of the bookbinding team...what a talented group of book artists! i love your book designs and the fabulous way you incorporate recycled materials into your work. and...i thought i was the only one who loved to stitch on paper! i've been doing that for's addicting! your cards are so sweet and simple, i'm sure they'll do well at the shop you're taking them to (i love to carve stamps, too, but never done that with a wine cork. great idea!)

take care, lori :)