Thursday, January 15, 2009

Would Mario Batali Mind?

I was working on some mini leather journals tonight...
and I needed a quick press - so I just grabbed one of my big hard back books.
I didn't think another thing of it....
That is....until I looked down at the floor and saw
Mario Batali staring up at me.
And then I wondered -
would Mario Batali mind that I'm using him and his recipes as a book press?
I can honestly say that I've never even opened this cookbook...
(the fact is - I don't really cook (umm gourmet..)) like Mario does.
But, I do love to watch him - his cooking shows....his travel shows about cooking.
Heck, I even got him to sign a cookbook for my father when he was in town
promoting his newest cookbook.
(The fact father does use his recipes and I love sampling them!)
So, I sure hope that Mario understands that I'm a bookbinder
and that I do use his book....
in my own way!

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