Saturday, September 12, 2009

Marche aux puces -Parisian Flea Market!
Puces St. Ouen

L and I finally got to the gigantic flea market...
and much to my surprise it wasn't near as dirty or crowded
as I had anticipated.
(Although, we did get there very early....
even before many shops were open...and the crowd
did pick up as we were leaving).
After navigating between the touristy booths with
shoes, purses, leather coats, and hookah pikes...
we made out way to the beginning of the market.

The entire place was just amazing - a crazy maze of shops twist and turn through tiny little alleyways in every direction possible. Most of the stores are actually storage bins with the doors pulled up. Some of the interiors are decorated like fancy antique shops with wonderful leather couches, ornate wooden furniture, gold covered chandeliers....

Here was one of my favorites shops:

It was filled with wooden bins of everything from miniature wooden tops, buttons, tiny glass bottles, old parisian stickers, baby doll heads, legs, ect.
The entire shop was decorated with bits and pieces of the items for sale in the store.
It was like walking into a curiosity shop!
I loved it!

Here is another view of one of the alleyways...

I'm sad to say that no purchases were made...
but, it was a good warm-up round...
I saw many interesting items....
and, I'll be prepared for the next visit!

Here is a little Canadian Pub that we ate at the other night:

So, L and I did a Seine River Cruise yesterday afternoon.

Here is a view of the Notre-Dame Cathedral from the top level of the boat.

Here I am enjoying the scenery!

More river cruise - it was such a beautiful day for the tour!

Oh, there I am waving to the Eiffel Tower...

And of course, the Carrefour -
only my absolute favorite grocery store in Paris.
I could spend days in here - literally.
There is so much to look at...
think Walmart only with a Parisian flair and cooler stuff:
fresh fruits and veggies, wonderful cookies with chocolate,
fresh bread, interesting office supply section, cheap and lots
of wonderful wine...
I don't know, I can't explain my love of foreign grocery marts!
But, I do love them!!!

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