Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finally....some new work!
Here are the first few in a new series of journals. The covers are pages salvaged from an old Parisian encyclopedia from 1956 - "The Encyclopedia of Speed" - just recently found at the Porte de Portes flea market last week! The pages are full of bright color and illustrations - I absolutely love them.
The interior white drawing paper was all hand torn and hand folded and sewn onto colorful leather straps - using a french link stitch. The straps are then glued and sewn onto the front and back cover. I carved out a recess in the boards for the straps to fit into. The front and back covers are also sewn at the top and bottom for additional support.

Just little - they measure about 3" x 4" and are a perfect fit in your hand!

More on the way...

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else said...

It is a joy to look at your work!!!!
Thanks for Blogging about it.