Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Place des Voges
I bought a sandwich at a little boulangerie by the Pompidou Center and enjoyed lunch in the park. It was filled with locals, students, couples, and many, many children enjoying the sandboxes and bouncing up and down on the wooden horses. It's really a delightful little park - with many benches throughout the entire square to enjoy the scenery. The park is surrounded by small art galleries and restaurants.
Bois de Boulogne

This gigantic park is located on the west side of Paris. We have ventured into it a few times, but really have just barely scratched the surface of this park. The last time we visited - we noticed lots of people boating around the lake. We found the rental boutique and decided that we'd have that adventure someday! So, last week we did!

Here are the boats...

The trip around the lake lasted about an hour.

The rental boutique...

Here's a picture of L paddling around the lake. It was such a beautiful day...and not too many other boaters to share the lake with.

This restaurant called Le Chalet des Iles is actually on a separate little island in the middle of the lake. To get to it - you must take a little boat ride across the lake - the ride will literally take about 3 minutes.
It's the red shuttle boat pictured in front of the restaurant.

The park is filled with bike trails and walking trails, restaurants and cafes. It's an ideal place for a picnic of wine and panini sandwiches which we also enjoyed!

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