Saturday, February 4, 2012

Paris, France 75003

Check out these Parisian Cream Puffs!

I passed this little shop the other day and peeked into the window. It had an amazing display of these tiny pastries sitting atop these gorgeous boxes. I made a note of it and L and I checked it out today. Well, I'm so glad that we returned! This place is simply amazing...literally the size of a very small closet - one long glass display case with these little delights all lined up. The packaging is superb - once the cream puffs are chosen - they are carefully packaged in these long slim boxes and the cover slides closed.

We picked: Chocolat Noir
Vanille de Madagascar
Caramel Beurre Sale

Oh, and then we tasted them.
They are melt in your mouth delicious.
A wonderful pastry outer shell and filled with smooth and flavorful filling inside.

Almost to pretty to eat....almost.

L and I ran around the city today. It is so very cold out.
We had to go way out and over to the 3rd arrondissement to my paper store so that I could stock up for my books. Anyhow, we decided to make an afternoon out of it - we had lunch at a super cute little bistro called "Cafe Chaplot". We've been wanting to stop for lunch - the place is always packed full and the food looks delicious. We finally got in today - and got a tiny little seat in the corner. I mean - the dining spots are always tight to eat out in Paris - but, this was extremely tight. Somehow I managed to squeeze through the two tables and slide into my chair which was up against the window. I'm talking - I actually bounced my head off the glass window it was so tight! It was totally fun- friendly staff- friendly dining neighbors- warm ambiance - and the simple burger and fries were really delightful. Sorry not to have any pictures - it was too cold to even take my gloves off and get the camera out!

Look how cute the packaging is - even this super cute bag!
I can't wait to go back!

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