Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wow - it is COLD here!
We woke up all ready to head out to the Puces de Vanves market - when we walked downstairs and looked outside - and saw the SNOW all over the cars and ground!
We were shocked!
So, we changed our plans - and went for a walk all over the city today!
Check out all the snow...

When we were finally so cold that our toes hurt - we decided to have brunch at "Le Pub Saint - Germain" in the 6th arrondissement. It was so wonderful. L and I both got about six miniature little plates and bowls each - filled with eggs, fruit, yogurt, risotto, jams, miniature croissants, crepes, tiny brioches, fresh squeezed orange juice and the most delicious hot chocolate ever!

It was really an experience!
We decided to stroll through the Luxembourg Gardens and check out the exhibition

"Cezanne et Paris"
12 october 2011 - 26 février 2012
The exhibition was at the Musee Du Luxembourg and while it was a small show - it was a very enjoyable one.
A few rooms filled with his work of Paris and the surrounding towns - pencil sketches, landscapes and a few portraits.
The colors and brush strokes were so vivid and captivating - the city rooftops - the simple "Le Plat de Pommes"- (the plate of apples) - so lush it seemed as if you could reach in and grab one off the tabletop. I thought the show was short and sweet and of course - I wanted more! But, it was a wonderful collection and simply enjoyable to witness and experience the work of an extremely talented artist.

We finished up the day with a walk through the Luxembourg Gardens ... filled with snow!

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