Sunday, March 18, 2012

Here are our finds from the market today . . .
These super awesome vintage wooden wine taps!
They are so cool - I have been keeping my eye out for these - they have been hard to find lately - but today I found a few that I really loved.
They were once hammered into the round wooden wine barrels and used as a tap to remove the wine!
So, of course we kept one for ourselves too!
The two below have been added to the Rue 15 Vintage shop!

I also came across some cute vintage books.
This one is a grammar book - in good condition.

And now - I keep buying vintage dictionary books.
This is a petite pocket dictionary!

we also bought a set of wooden shelves with slots for all of my paper.
I found a vintage alarm clock - (I am also buying alarm clocks now... non-working festive and colorful alarm clocks!) and L found a few watercolor paintings that he liked.

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