Thursday, March 8, 2012

Here is the journal that I was talking about at the end of the blog yesterday - the one with pictures of the template - here's how it looks finished!

I wanted the original markings to be visible on the leather journal- a small round hole near the center where the rivet had once been - and the round circle marking near the bottom - where I removed the metal hardware.

I designed the binding so that the markings are shown on the spine - hand sewn with cream colored linen thread.

The first signature is a vintage postcard from the Puces de Vanves market in Paris. On one of our previous visits to the market - we picked up a small box of used vintage postcards . . . they are just beautiful - and maybe one of my favorite purchases so far!

I picked this one to use - tore it down to fit -
it reads, " Dieppe - Les deux vieilles Tours" with a vintage aqua french stamp on the front.
The back side of the postcard is hand written - just lovely!
The last page is a heavy chocolate brown colored sheet of Canson paper.

The journal closes with a thin green leather strap - riveted to the back of the journal.

And - here's what I worked on today -
This is another large journal - I am still working on getting it finished!
It's taken longer than anticipated! (As usual...)
I wanted to keep the original pouch on the cover - so - I had to sew the small straps of leather onto the front of the pouch - sewing through the interior of the pouch (which I could barely get my hand into!) - which proved to be very, very hard! But, I managed!

I still have a bit more to finish - but, it's almost completed!

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