Sunday, March 4, 2012

Market Day!
We picked up some beautiful antique books at the Book Market today.
I'll be listing these in Rue 15 Vintage soon.
They are just absolutely beautifully well made - intricate - little objects of history.
L can never get me out of the book market when we go.
I could just stay and look all day!

This is a very petite prayer book - it is still in very good condition - and it even had a few prayer cards stuck in between the pages.
Raised leather spine, leather tooling, beautiful decorative end sheets - it's just lovely.

That is just one gorgeous book!

Oh and my very reliable source let us know that Laduree actually had a fire last October!
Oh no - we had no idea! We peeked at pictures showing smoke pluming out of the building. So, hopefully it will be up and running again soon as a tea house.
In the meantime...
The macaroons are still super delicious.

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