Saturday, March 3, 2012

We went to lunch today at "Le Relais de Venise" -
it was simply marvelous!
The most delicious steak ever tasted - melt in your mouth good -
a simple salad - fresh bread - good wine.
Oh, did I mention that is all the meal options that they serve!
Although, the menu for dessert is very long and detailed - the lunch/dinner entree menu is not!
This place always has a line and is always cram packed with guests - but, it is so good - it is well worth the wait. (And today the wait wasn't so long - so it wasn't that bad!)

We strolled down the Champs-Elysees after lunch -
did a little window shopping
a little people watching
. . . lots to see and enjoy!

Although, it doesn't look very crowded from my picture -
there were many people shopping and strolling around today.

We stopped in to Laduree - a salon/restaurant/patisserie -
but, to our shock and dismay - where did the restaurant go?
We hadn't visited for a long time - and last time we were here -we had a beautiful dinner upstairs.
Simply charming decor - elegant - gorgeous!

Well, today the entire glass front of the tea house had been turned into a little shop - selling boxes of cookies and treats. The interior restaurant was completely closed off - walled up - and shut down! Unbelievable!? We are hoping it is just for renovations - but, no mention of it on any signs - and the change looked very permanent.
The long line for the macaroons was still the same as you entered to the left - the long glass counters were still filled with pastries, chocolates, macaroons, cakes, everything sweet and delicious.
But, the experience was much different today - and had a more Disney-like (not as authentic) feel to it as in the past.
Needless to say - the macaroons were as fabulous as ever!
We purchased a small round box of six different flavors - and two large ones to go!

L is holding our macaroons:
Cafe and Pistachio Macaroons (Super-Sized) -
and as you can see - half eaten already!

We also stopped in to "La Maison du Chocolate".
Delicious handmade chocolates that are some of my favorites - but today we got some cocoa powder and made our own hot chocolate for dessert tonight.

And - finally hopped the Metro back home!
Good weekend so far!

Off to Vanves market tomorrow...

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