Wednesday, October 10, 2012

 Finally - new pictures of a brand new *vintage* book!

Wow - these covers were really tricky. The original covers were created on very thin book board - not sturdy at all. So, I hand cut new covers with acid-free bookbinders boards. I had to adhere the original covers to the new book board and then adhere the heavy green Canson paper on the inside of the covers. I then carefully hand sanded all of the edges. I mixed a green acrylic color to paint the cover edges - then sealed the sides with wax.

The interior is heavy white paper (160g.) - each signature has a heavy green Canson spacer (1/2") to give color to the spine. 

Hand sewn with a french link stitch - onto rose colored leather straps with slate grey linen thread.

The leather straps have been adhered to the front and back covers. I carefully cut away a small portion of the board underneath the straps - sanded and then adhered them onto the covers.
The sides of the leather straps have all been hand sanded - make a smooth transition onto the cover boards.
The straps have also been hand sewn onto the cover with a small "X".

Hand tearing the paper sheets down to size!

Do you think that I need a new cut board!?!?

You can tell that I really cut EVERYTHING by hand!

I am mixing my paint colors to match the green color in the original cover -

I painted the edges of the new cover boards with the new green color. 

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